Business Counseling

MCBL offers one-on-one and small group business counseling to provide assistance to prospective entrepreneurs and small business owners.

MCBL counselors are equipped with the business knowledge and experience to provide individuals with practical guidance on an array of entrepreneurial topics or offer creative approaches to small business obstacles. Regardless of your stage in business, from prospective to established, our subject matter experts are able to provide guidance on topics related to: start-up assistance, access to funding & lending options, business rules & regulations, marketing and cash-flow management.

Counseling available at no to low cost and by appointment only. To make an appointment, please fill out the form below or call our center at (808) 695-2635.

Group Business Counseling MCBL offers Group Business Counseling every Friday from 4pm - 6pm.

  • Business Taxes

  • Marketing

  • Non-Profit Start-up Assistance

  • Start-up Assistance

  • Managing Your Business

  • Finance and Accounting


"Before working with our MCBL counselor, we were unable to answer basic questions about aspects of our work because we were so busy. Some days we didn't have time for a cup of coffee. She caused us to step back from our daily tasks and re-evaluate our goals.

Our MCBL counselor opened my eyes as a business owner to new ways of looking at the same old problems. She sparked a new enthusiasm in me and by extension others in our firm. We were finally talking to each other and suddenly started solving our own problems. She wasn't a cheerleader. Sometimes she gave us ideas that I didn't want to hear. She asked great questions. She got us asking questions of ourselves. Our company now has written client profiles and a business development strategy. We feel more organized, more grounded and more strategic. We're talking to our clients and each other more, even when Tanya's not there. And we always have time for coffee."

- Melissa Pavlicek, YWCA Board of Director and Business Owner for 5+ years

Legal Counseling

MCBL and Business Law Corps have partnered to offer small business owners no-cost business legal counseling with an attorney. Seek guidance from a licensed corporate attorney on topics such as: choice of entity, business crisis, for-profit corporations, LLC's and partnerships. Private 30-minute sessions are available at no-cost and by appointment only every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month between 11am - 1pm. To request an appointment, please fill out the form below or call our center at (808) 695-2635

Mahalo to MCBL and Greg from BLC Hawaii for the legal business guidance! Greg is so knowledgeable and kept me focused and on topic. I got the clarity i needed and additional FREE on-line resources!
— Andrea, Small Business Owner, Makaha Hawaii

To request general business or legal counseling,
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