We provide comprehensive training for individuals thinking about starting a business, small business owners who are in the start-up phase and for those who are already running a business but still need a business plan.

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We provide a variety of educational opportunities for middle school & high school girls that will help build confidence and strengthen the skills essential to growing into a successful leader & community contributor.

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We provide a variety of educational and development opportunities for individuals seeking to grow in their career, improve business skills and step into leadership roles within the corporate sector and community.

patsy t. mink Leadership Alliance

Despite progress on gender equality, women are still significantly underrepresented in top-level management. According to CNN, just 5% of companies have female CEOs and only 16.5% of companies have women as top-level executives. The Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership is looking to change that.


Girls' Summit

The one day summit is an inspiring and informative seminar for girls of all backgrounds to network with successful female leaders in our community, learn about different career fields and explore their personal ambitions and what it will take to achieve them. The intent of this initiative is to nurture the next generation of women leaders to serve Hawaii and beyond.


Today, women own more than 35% of all businesses and are starting new ventures at four times the rate of men.  The most recent data indicates that there are more than 11 million women-owned businesses employing 9 million Americans and generating $1.6 trillion in receipts. Yet despite this evidence that women business owners make significant contributions to the economy, they continue to struggle to access capital, which in turn restricts their growth.