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MCBL Advisory Board

MCBl Committees


2018 Leadership Committee Chair - Unyong Nakata 

2018 Girls' Summit Committee Chair - Isla Young

All board duties:

  • Create, promote and maintain mentoring programs including the Wahine Forum Network Luncheon
  • Assist in identifying and selecting high-potential women business owners, leaders of non-profit, for-profit and government organizations to participate in the leadership development programs
  • Recommend people and organizations to facilitate training, serve as coaches and consultants, and speakers for symposiums
  • Assist in the creation of evaluation tools and reviewing evaluation documents and reporting
  • Help promote MCBL programs and fundraising events including Downtown Uncorked and LMB Client Showcase
  • Help raise visibility of MCBL for local and national sponsorship
  • Identify potential target markets, marketing venues and strategies for promoting MCBL and its programs
  • Promote and engage members and participants for MCBL and its programs