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Start-up Assistance

Topic: Start-up Assistance

This workshop focuses specifically on the business registration process in the State of Hawai'i. PRE-REGISTRATION PREP: • How to research your business name to ensure it's available to use • Tools for developing a powerful and effective brand name, logo and image • Tradename and trademark overview - resources to protect your brand • Overview of business entity types (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, partnership) REGISTRATION PROCESS: • In-person vs. on-line registration • Step-by-step registration walk through • Annual reporting requirements BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: • Local resources for ongoing small business planning and development

Speaker(s): Noela Napoleon, Lead Counselor and Business Instructor


Fee: $ 25.00

Please pay at the time of registration. For questions call 808-695-2635.

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Phone: 808.695.2635



Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership (MCBL)

YWCA Laniakea

1040 Richards St. Ste. 105 Honolulu, HI 96813