Personal Pathways

Become Your Personal & Professional Best

Program Description

Personal Pathways™ is a program designed to help socially and economically disadvantaged women gain applicable knowledge and confidence to improve their personal lives, enabling them to develop and grow professionally as well. Multiple classes are led by subject-matter experts provide necessary tools to help women advance in their lives and careers.


  • Confidence building
  • Applicable knowledge and skills to help with personal development
  • Networking with guest subject-matter experts and participants
  • Refreshments/pupus included


Jacque Rojas Health & Beauty Series

Participant Quote

“This class has helped me find myself and for that I thank you”

“You never know what you’re worth until you step it up”

“Words can’t even tell you how much I appreciate the workshop series”

“The ladies here are helpful in every way. No question goes unanswered. They take the time to explain and show us how and what to do. Great Personalities”

“I definitely enjoyed this workshop tremendously! I like how you made it casual and fun. I felt comfortable and not too nervous being around these women. This class helps me build self-esteem and prepares me for job readiness.”